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Monday, August 15, 2011

hotlanta & awsome food

So its been awhile since I went on a vacation with my dad and that side of the family, so when work was slow and he was headed close to home I jumped on the chance. So off to Atlanta I go. I wasnt expecting a whole lot, I heard a few reviews from friends, and figured it would just be nice to see the family. Holy crap were they wrong though, I LOVED ATLANTA. The FOOD was AMAZING, the PEOPLE were FRIENDLY, and the CITY was CLEAN.

Sunday- I flew in and took a cab from the Atlanta airport which was huge! Dad, Missy, and Sarah met me at The Hotel Melia which was nice. We were all starved so we decided The Varsity was our first stop in Atlanta. Two cheese dogs, a slaw dog, and an orange varsity later, I was officially prepared for what Atlanta had to offer. We hung out at the pool for a little while, then decided to venture out for dinner. We headed to Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint. This place was wonderful, it had great live music and even better food. I had the brisket, aged cheddar mac and cheese, and zucchini and golden apples. I also had a 420 Sweet Water Beer and that was pretty darn good as well.

Monday- We headed off to Six Flags Over Georgia to ride some coaster which was awesome, but hotter then hell. Ate some good park food, pretzels, popcorn, the usual. We finally hit the wall at about 4:30 we were ready to get some rest and eat some dinner. We headed back to the hotel and down the street to Mellow Mushroom DownTown Atlanta. Now I've been to Mellow before but this one was above the rest, the service was amazing. Our waiter was attentive and friendly. I ate the white pizza with tomatoes and it was delish!

Tuesday- We were all still pretty tired so we decided to take it easy, or so we thought. We headed off to find five points but some how didnt really make it. We ended up at the underground which was interesting. But I got a great purse out of it! On the way back to the hotel we decided to stop at Mama Mia's for lunch. Again great local spot, with spot on pizza. It was a medium thickness crust but was crunchy and fantastic. After lunch we headed to the pool for some sun and then picked the Melting Pot for Dad and Missy's anniversary dinner. Now I've been to Melting Pot before and expected a good dinner. Our waitress went so far beyond the call of duty and really made the experience fantastic. She recomended great wine and chatted us up. For desert I decided to forgo the regular chocolate and get the white chocolate with bananas, cinnamon, and grand-marnier. HOLY JESUS WAS IT AMAZING. It was truly fantastic dinner. And to top it all off my baby sister Sarah who can eat not stop 24 hours a day was actually full!

Wednesday- Today was the day for The World Of Coke. Very cool experience and seeing all the memorabilia was like taking a step back in time in true Americana History. After tasting every drink they had to offer it was time for lunch. Gladys Knight and Ron Winan's Chicken and Waffles was going to be our next conquest. I of course got sweet tea and the traditional midnight train, fried chicken wings and a waffle. This had to be one of the best waffles I have ever eaten, and the crust on the fried chicken was to die for. But if that wasnt enough I needed the peach cobbler to finish of my meal. Dessert at lunch time? YES PLEASE! After this insane amount of food I was done for and needed a nap to digest all of this goodness. And lucky for me when I woke up it was time for dinner. AWESOME. We headed to this little italian restaurant in mid town called Baradona. Very cute restaurant awesome service yet again. I decided to go with something light for dinner after all the fat that was still stuck in my belly from lunch. I had this amazing homemade pasta with garlic, mozzarella, butternut squash, and this fantastic sauce. It was perfect and light, yet so flavorful. And just for fun I decided to have cheese cake for dessert.

Thursday- This was my last day in Atlanta and I was super bummed my food adventures were coming to an end. Today was the day for the aquarium and I loved it. I felt like a little kid again. I got to pet sharks and sting rays (my all time favorite) starfish and shrimp.  It was amazing watching the beluga whales play with the people on the other side of the glass, and the otters play with their toys. I could have stayed for days, but it was time for lunch and time for me to catch my flight home. I finished out my trip at Max's Lagers Fired Grill & Brewery. It was cute and I loved the decor. I opted for a salad since I was still full from the day before, and was hot and tired from walking everryyy where. The salad was good, the sweet tea was great, and the company was better.

This was such a great trip and I look forward to so many more amazing adventures!


  1. Fried chicken and a waffle - That's something you don't see in Orlando!! haha.

  2. For sure you dont, I think I was born to be a southern bell lol!

  3. Hahaha, I love The Varsity! We always stop there on our way up to North Carolina! I love Atlanta! That's where Joenalleycpa's home roots are ;)