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Monday, August 29, 2011

What a week (or two)

These last few weeks have been so hectic, with my birthday and moving.

I'm finally all moved into the new place, and trying to make it feel like home. Its nice but I was pretty nested in my old place, I did spend two years there. I also seemed to loose to whole boxes in the move, how does that happen? One had my camera charger, and the usb for my camera to computer. I want to update birthday pictures, but that will just have to wait until I can get new ones.

Matt and I have also been watching all of the Harry Potters, he has never seen them before. It has been nice for me to re-watch them all in preparation of seeing the last one. We finally saw The Deathly Hallows- Part 2. It was AMAZING. I'm so sad the series has come to an end, I actually feel like I'm loosing a friend. Oy I'm such a nerd.

Matt and I started a new Sunday tradition. We are going to make it a point to have a home cooked dinner every Sunday night. We cook dinner most nights, but this is one night we will make sure we cook at home. So far we have had Salisbury steak and potatoes, and tacos!

The golf course I work at is finally reopen! Its nice to be working steady hours again, and having a steady pay check. Thank goodness because rent is due in just a few days!

September is coming up and its going to be an exciting month. Kelli's wedding, Cirque, Matts moving into his new house, and a trip to Savannah at the end of the month. AND then its OCTOBER my favorite time of year. I'm so excited for fall, and even more excited to head to Michigan to see my family for some leaves changing, pumpkin picking, and hot apple cider and donuts!

Well thats my update for now!

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